The firm provides a range of services that includes the following: -


  • Under International Taxation, we focus on structuring capital and revenue transactions and investments by effectively utilizing the tax treaties between India and the host country with a view to maximize post tax returns. We also assist in planning transactions to minimize 'transfer pricing' levies by tax authorities.
  • Under Domestic Taxation, we effectively plan the transactions using the Indian Income tax laws to maximize post tax returns of the Indian taxable entities.
  • Sound tax planning for all categories of assesses
  • Timely preparation and filing of statutory documents with the revenue authorities.
  • Prescribing tax solutions for various tax problems.
  • Representing clients before Revenue and Appellate authorities.
  • Advice on Application of taxes & tax rationalization with respect to projects, industries and joint ventures.
  • Handling of search and surveys.
  • Tax Withholding / Tax Deduction At Source - Planning, compliance and representation in connection with tax withholding on salary, contractor, rental, royalties / technical services, interest, dividend and professional payments. 
  • Indirect Taxation - We provide advisory as well as compliance check services to our clients in the field of indirect taxes like sales tax, works contract tax and service tax. We carry out planning, registration and routine compliance.


  • Business Negotiations - We assist our clients in various across-the-board negotiations with the proposed business partner to arrive at a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Business Valuation - Sell-outs, buy-outs - we play a key role in business valuations, factoring the most optimal valuation routes and encompassing international trends and methodologies.
  • Provides advice with respect to corporate and finance related matters.
  • Suggesting strategies for complete business solutions while maintaining the confidentiality of the client’s information.
  • Consultancy on drafting of agreements, memorandum of understanding, contracts.
  • Providing consultancy on Franchisee and Joint Venture matters.
  • Due diligence reports.
  • Resolving various business contentions.
  • Registration and Incorporation of Firms, Companies, including companies under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, Societies, Trusts etc. and registration in various requisite departments.
  • Preparation of Project Report.
  • Feasibility studies - Suggesting, planning and implementing entry strategy for clients business by doing a SWOT analysis of the market/ industry/ segment and evaluating alternative entry options.
  • Partner Search & Evaluation - Identifying potential partners, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, salience of Indian business houses and family groups, partnership structures, possible acquisitions.
  • Regulatory Approvals - Assisting in processing various government clearances for our clients entering the Indian market. We arrange for the complete set of regulatory approvals required from Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Secretariat of Industrial Approvals (SIA), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Registrar of Companies (ROC) and other concerned authorities.
  • Investment Evaluation and availing of finance from major financial Institutions and Banks.
  • Carrying out appraisals and post evaluation of projects by assessing the sensitivities of project variables and examining alternative structures/timings of investments so as to maximise returns.


  • Valuation of shares, debentures, securities.
  • Valuation of business or shares in partnership firm.
  • Valuation of business financial assets including goodwill.
  • Valuation of inventories.


  • Statutory Audits - Reviewing compliance with accounting procedures, provisions of company law, tax laws and other related laws, standards and guidelines as recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for India in line with international accounting norms, besides analysing and reporting on the performance of the company to the board of directors through meaningful ratios, cash flows and other analysis tools.
  • Tax Audits - Auditing the accounts of the organisation in accordance with the specified provisions of the Income tax laws of India and providing disclosures of relevant information in specified formats.
  • Special purpose Audits
    • Management Audits: Audits requested by the management from time to time viz. reviewing special purpose accounts, etc.
    • Operational Audits: Analysis of transaction flows in business operations viz. inventory, finance, receivables, etc.
    • Internal Control Reviews: Reviews conducted in order to provide assurance to the management on the error free running of the business systems by evaluating existing controls of the organisation and suggesting improvement.
    • Investigation Audits: Audits carried out at the request of the management to investigate issues like suspected fraud, misappropriation, etc.
  • MIS and Reporting - Developing   a meaningful system of reporting to the management and identifying key analysers to be adopted for effective business decisions.
  • Stock Audit
  • Certification - We do necessary certification under various sections of different Laws.


  • Company formation.
  • Takeovers, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, share transfer and valuation.
  • Secretarial work: Advice and provide assistance in maintaining all statutory records as specified under the Indian Company Law.
  • Filing of requisite documents as required under Company Law.
  • Representation: Representation before the Registrar of Companies and the Company Law Board.


  • Developing and Maintaining of accounting systems    that meet management’s internal as well as statutory requirements.
  • Payroll accounting.
  • Devising proper Book-Keeping solutions.
  • Formulating overall system, which facilitates effective and efficient accounting. 
  • Training to accounts department of the client.
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